State attorney: There will be criminal price for cyberspace racism

State Attorney Shai Nitzan on Monday showed his readiness to combat racist incitement in cyberspace at a Tel Aviv University cyber conference, describing significant new manpower and resources that he planned to devote to fighting the phenomenon.
He said "there will be a criminal price" for such incitement and that there will be "no refuge" from justice.
Nitzan said that recent months had shown a "big jump" in such incitement, following the killing of three teenagers in mid-June and during the Gaza war.
He stated that those using cyberspace for racist incitement do so "for anonymity" and "to try to get off without too many consequences," since it is much harder to find the source of such racism than racism broadcasted in other contexts.
The state attorney said that such incitement also "hurts Jewish values" such as the Bible's command to "love the stranger" because "you were strangers in Egypt" and should have learned from that experience sensitivity to others who are different.
He said "legal norms must apply even in cyberspace" and said that the state was working internally with a new police unit and externally with other nations to fight a variety of cyber crime.
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