State ordered to seal 15 structures in Kiryat Netafim

In an interim decision earlier this week, the High Court of Justice ordered the state to seal the openings in 15 residential structures built without permits in the settlement of Kiryat Netafim in the northern West Bank.
The court was responding to a petition by the left-wing Peace Now movement, represented by attorneys Shlomi Zecharya and Lev Avissar, to declare that the settlement, the Samaria Regional Council and Amana, Gush Emunim's development movement, were in contempt of court because they continued work on the structures despite a court-ordered interim injunction to freeze construction.
During a recent hearing, the settlers maintained that all they had done after the interim injunction had been issued was to seal up the openings to prevent anyone from breaking into the empty buildings.
The state maintained that the settlers had installed doors and windows despite the injunction. The court ruled that whatever the current situation really was, the state should see to it that the openings were indeed sealed.