Suspect in fatal 2008 hit-and-run denies guilt: 'It's a Peter Pan story'

Shalom Yemini, accused of killing Meital Aharonson in TA accident, tells victim's mother "I didn't do anything to your daughter."

Shalom Yemini, one of two men suspected of killing Meital Aharonson in an October 2008 hit-and-run accident in Tel Aviv, on Sunday denied driving the car which killed the 27-year-old. "I didn't do anything to your daughter," Yemini told Aharonson's mother, Liora, during her testimony at the Tel Aviv District Court. "I took a polygraph test so you'd know that I didn't drive [the car]." Yemini told the court that the night of the accident, him and Shai Simon, who is also suspected in the hit-and-run, were drunk and on the way to get pizza when the accident happened. "We drank alcohol, and because of that I don't understand what happened in this whole crazy story," he went on, adding that despite his initial testimony, he had never driven the jeep in question. "No one swapped seats… it's a Peter Pan story… I was high." Two months ago, the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court refused to authorize a revised indictment against two men, to state that it was Simon who drove the car when it struck Aharonson, after initially stating it had been Yemini.