Suu Kyi marks 6 years of detention

Opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi marked six years of continuous detention by Myanmar's military regime Wednesday, as she defends herself in court on charges that she violated the law by sheltering an uninvited American at her home. Suu Kyi was expected back in court after insisting in testimony Tuesday that she did not violate the law. The trial, which opened Monday and was expected to culminate in a guilty verdict, has continued despite an international outcry that included unprecedented criticism from neighboring governments in Asia. US President Barrack Obama said Tuesday that Suu Kyi's continued detention, isolation and "show trial based on spurious charges" cast serious doubt on the Myanmar government's willingness to be a responsible member of the international community. Asian and European ministers, meeting in Hanoi, called for a lifting of restrictions on Myanmar's political parties, preparation for a free, fair and multiparty election in 2010, and Suu Kyi's release. Myanmar's neighbor Thailand has said it has "grave concerns" about the trial.