Swedish prosecutors release attack plot suspect

STOCKHOLM - Swedish prosecutors ordered the release on Sunday of a man held on suspicion of plotting a "terrorist crime," saying he was no longer a suspect.
Moder Mothama Magid, 22, was arrested on Thursday after a day-long nationwide manhunt during which Sweden was put on its highest ever terror alert. He was suspected of having plotted in Stockholm to carry out an unspecified "terrorist crime." He had said he was innocent.
"The man is no longer a suspect," prosecutor Hans Ihrman said in a statement.
Magid's arrest in a building complex housing asylum seekers in northern Sweden unnerved the country as it came only days after the Islamist militant attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.
The warning of a high probability of an attack had prompted many commuters in Stockholm to avoid mass transit trains and triggered a security clampdown at potential targets as well as a government push to increase surveillance.