Syria refugees brave mines, to reach Turkish sanctuary

BUKULMEZ, Turkey - Syrian forces are pressing a military offensive and laying mines near the border with Turkey in an attempt to block a flow of refugees and supplies for insurgents, rebel activists and a Turkish official at the frontier said on Friday.
Syrian army activity, visible across olive groves from the small Turkish border village of Bukulmez, comes days before a ceasefire deadline agreed by President Bashar Assad. The flow of refugees to Turkish camps nearby swelled to 2,800 on Thursday as violence in the bordering Idlib province worsened.
"The whole of northern Idlib has become another Baba Amr," said Ahmed Sheikh, a law student and activist, referring to a district of the town of Homs devastated by shelling in the past two months.
It was impossible to verify reports from the many refugees fleeing Syria since foreign correspondents' access to the country is strictly limited by the Damascus government.