Syrian army strikes ISIS positions near the Golan

The Syrian regime, and its Russian backers, launched widespread air and artillery strikes against ISIS-held positions next to the Golan on Saturday.
Over the last 24 hours the Syrian regime launched an offensive against the ISIS affiliate that holds a section of the southern Golan in Syria.
On Saturday morning ISIS detonated a car bomb in the town of Hayt.
The Syrian regime launched a dozen air and artillery strikes against areas along the border with Israel, including the villages and towns of Tasil, Saidah, Sahyun and Shabraq.
The fighting was visible from the Israeli side of the Golan.
Tourists and locals watched from Tel Saqi, site of a 1973 battle, as smoke emerged after the airstrikes.
The Syrian regime launched a major offensive to take back southern areas from the rebels in June.
On Friday many of the rebels agreed to a reconciliation agreement but ISIS has held out.