Taxi driver fined NIS 1,500 for verbally abusing passenger

Taxi driver fined NIS 1,

A taxi driver from Tirat Hacarmel was fined NIS 1,500 and had his taxi license suspended for two years, by the Haifa Magistrate court, after he was found guilty of verbally abusing a passenger who requested he operate the taxi's meter. According to the indictment, the driver initially charged the passenger a flat rate of NIS 20 for the ride, claiming his meter was not working, but when the passenger requested his personal details in order to report him, he found that the meter was functioning after all. The passenger reported that during the short ride the driver shouted at him and threatened to beat him up. Upon reaching the destination, the passenger paid NIS 17 as the meter indicated and the driver drove off, but not before saying to the passenger that he wished he would die before the year was out. The driver was also ordered to pay the passenger damages in the sum of NIS 1,500 and sign a pledge promising to avoid similar offences for three years.