Temperatures expected to rise again over weekend

The country was noticeably cooler on Tuesday, following a three-day heatwave that sent temperatures above 40 °C in many locales. Compared to the same time 24 hours earlier, most places saw the temperature drop by 5 degrees.
According to the Israel Meteorological Service, temperatures are expected to continue dropping and stabilize Thursday as skies remain cloudy throughout the week.
Those looking to cool off might want to head to Safed, where a low of 12 and a high of 22 are forecast Thursday.
Savor the pleasant weather, because on Friday temperatures are forecast to rise dramatically.
Late on Monday, the IMS released its summary of the heatwave that began on Saturday.
Eilat was the only city to set a record with a high of 46 degrees, though several cities narrowly missed setting record highs.
Although temperatures occasionally exceed 40 °C in May, the IMS noted that the frequency in recent years stands out. The Meteorological Service noted that the use of new sensors at some of their weather stations may have resulted in temperatures appearing fractionally higher.