Three Palestinians arrested for stealing jewelry, money from elderly

A secret investigation has been tracking, and finally arrested Wednesday night, three residents of the Palestinian Authority, each in their 30s and 40s, on the grounds of stealing from elderly individuals living in Bat Yam and Holon.
According to Israel Police, the three individuals would introduce themselves to the elderly as plumbers, asking to get inside their homes to take care of a leak from their neighbors. The first person would then ask the homeowners to leave the house, so they could do their job, thereby opening the door to the other two impersonators to come in. They would then commit the crime together.
Israel Police collaborated with IDF forces to complete the arrests. They have also requested the arrests be extended in the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court.
Authorities were first alerted to the issue when they got multiple complaints from few elderly individuals living in Holon and Bat Yam that their money and jewelry had been stolen.
This became the group's MO, warranting police to identify a pattern, leading to their arrests.