'Turkey may sue Israel over delay in supply of Heron UAVs'

Turkey may sue Israel o

If Israel fails to supply Turkey with Heron type unmanned aerial vehicles as agreed in a deal by the two countries, Ankara will fine Israel for three or four million dollars, as well as take the matter up with the International Court of Commercial Arbitration, the Turkish Today's Zaman quoted a top official at the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries as saying Thursday. "Turkey plans to impose a heavy monetary penalty on Israel for the delay. If this country refuses to comply with the penalty, then Turkey will head to the International Court of Commercial Arbitration," the magazine quoted the official as saying. Israel said the delay was caused by the difficulty in the strengthening of Heron engines to enable local Aselsan-made electro-optical payloads (Aselfir300T) to be fitted onto the Heron UAVs. Israel Radio quoted Israeli defense industry officials as saying this problem has now been overcome.