Two border police indicted for beating Arab youth

The Justice Ministry’s Police Investigations Unit indicted two border police on Monday in the Jerusalem Magistrate Court for beating an Arab teenager in October 2010.
The incident took place near Lions Gate in the Old City on October 28, 2010, when border police officers Omri Cohen and Dani Avra asked an Arab minor for ID, according to the indictment. The police officers then informed the minor that they wanted to search him in a nearby cemetery.
The indictment states that during the search, Avra grabbed the complainant’s face and told him “not to make trouble.” When the youth tried to squirm out of his grasp, Cohen then hit the victim in the face with the butt of Avra’s gun, causing the complainant to bleed. Afterwards, the two officers brought the youth to the David Station precinct and accused him of attacking a police officer and creating a public disturbance. The complainant required stitches in his right eyebrow as a result of the incident.