Two Petah Tikva 16-year-olds charged for drug dealing

Two 16-year-olds from Petah Tikva were charged last week for selling large quantities of marijuana to other teenagers.
Police youth officers investigated a total of six teenagers suspected of involvement in the pot dealing ring after receiving intelligence, Supt. Sol Greenberg, head youth officer in Petah Tikva, told The Jerusalem Post.
"They dealt in parks and other areas," Greenberg said. "Two of the suspects, who have past offenses for drugs and violent crime,  admitted to dealing and are viewed as the dominant dealers," he added.
The two youths were charged with drug dealing and possession of large amounts of marijuana.
During raids conducted last week, marijuana was seized from the Petah Tikva homes of six suspects.
While the law views drug dealing far more harshly than drug possession, the teenagers cannot face prison time for the offenses if they are found guilty as they are minors. They can, however, be ordered to attend alternative correctional programs, Greenberg noted.
"They smoked marijauna and then began dealing it," Greenberg said. "We are searching for two adults who we suspect supplied them with the drug," he added.