UK to urge more help for Syrian opposition at G8 talks

LONDON - Britain will call for more help for the Syrian opposition in its civil war against President Bashar Assad when G8 foreign ministers meet on Wednesday, but there are no signs of a major shift in policy.
North Korean threats of war will also be high on the agenda of the Group of Eight leading industrialized nations - the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada and Russia - meeting in the British capital.
The talks, which formally begin over dinner on Wednesday and end on Thursday, will also be the first chance for the ministers to discuss face-to-face the failure of last week's meeting in Almaty on curbing Iran's nuclear program.
Leaders of the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) will be present on the sidelines of the G8 and hold talks with those foreign ministers willing to meet them, British Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters on Tuesday.