UK's Johnson plans to move House of Lords to York

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to relocate parliament's upper house, the House of Lords, to the northern English city of York, the Sunday Times reported.
In last month's national election for the lower house, Johnson's Conservatives won a swathe of seats in the traditional Northern English heartland of the opposition Labour Party as he secured a large majority in parliament.
With a view to securing these gains, Johnson has promised to ramp up investment in the north of England, which suffered under the decline of heavy industries and austerity policies since the financial crisis, the Sunday Times said, without citing sources.
York, founded by the Romans and famed for its large minster, is first choice for the move, ahead of Birmingham, Britain's second-largest city.
The unelected House of Lords, which dates back to the 14th Century, is principally seen as a revising and refining mechanism but it technically has the power to block laws.