UN atom watchdog, Iran may meet this week , diplomats say

VIENNA - The UN nuclear watchdog and Iran are expected to meet on Friday for the first time since they failed in June to make progress towards answering questions about suspected atom bomb research in the Islamic state, diplomats said on Tuesday.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declined to comment on whether a new meeting was planned and there was no immediate comment from Iran's diplomatic mission in Vienna.
Two diplomats accredited to the UN agency said they had heard that talks were likely to take place in the Austrian capital on Aug. 24, just a few days before the IAEA is due to issue its latest quarterly report on Iran's nuclear program.
If confirmed, it could give Iran a last-minute chance to influence the content of the report if it were to offer concessions to UN inspectors seeking access to sites, officials and documents they say they need for their inquiry.