UN: Reports of abductions in Ivory Coast grow

ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast— The United Nations said Sunday it has received hundreds of reports of people being abducted from their homes at night by armed assailants in military uniform and that there is growing evidence of "massive violations of human rights" since Ivory Coast's disputed election.
The statement from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights came a day after the UN said it would remain in Ivory Coast despite demands from the man refusing to give up the presidency that thousands of peacekeepers get out of the West African country.
Navi Pillay, the top UN human rights official, said Sunday that more than 50 people have been killed over the past three days in Ivory Coast; previous estimates were that up to 30 people had died in the violence.
"The deteriorating security conditions in the country and the interference with freedom of movement of UN personnel have made it difficult to investigate the large number of human rights violations reported," Pillay said in a statement released from her office in Geneva.