US police clear DC Occupy site, protesters look to new day

WASHINGTON - US police officers cleared tents from an "Occupy" protest site in downtown Washington on Sunday, but demonstrators said even without the camp they would continue to fight for economic equality and other issues.
About two dozen protesters in Freedom Plaza, just blocks from the White House, watched calmly as the National Park police and sanitation workers in hazmat suits dismantled protesters' tents, packed bedding and personal belongings into plastic bags and cardboard boxes, citing violations of rules against living in the park. Police cruisers, police officers outfitted with shields and riot gear, and an armored vehicle waited on the outskirts of the plaza.
The National Park Service, which tends the grounds where the protesters have camped, issued a series of warnings to protesters after coming under pressure from US lawmakers and city officials who cited unsanitary conditions and the cost of policing. The Park Service bans camping in Freedom Plaza and at another nearby site cleared by the police on Saturday.