US Senator Corker supports 'proportional' Syria strike, if WMD evidence provided

Ranking member of the US Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) on Thursday, said he would support "proportional military strikes" in Syria, given strong evidence of the Assad regime's use of chemical weapons.
In a statement released by the congressman, he also mentioned that a military response in Syria should not require a lengthy stay in the region. "Whatever limited action is taken should not further commit the US in Syria beyond the current strategy to strengthen the vetted, moderate opposition,” Corker said.
He also urged the White House to continue to keep congressmen in the loop in terms of decisions regarding Syria. “While the administration has engaged in congressional consultation, they should continue to be forthcoming with information and would be far better off if they seek authorization based upon our national interests, which would provide the kind of public debate and legitimacy that can only come from Congress.”