US will consult allies on ways to put more pressure on Iran

The United States broke its relative silence on the IAEA report during a Wednesday State Department press briefing. State Department Spokesman Mark Toner said that Washington would “consult (with allies and partners) and look at ways to impose additional pressure on Iran." Although Toner did not join in explicit European calls for increased sanctions, he did say that “a range of options” was available.
“I don't want to rule anything out or anything in,” Toner continued.
The State Department spokesman said that the report, which was officially distributed to IAEA member states, contains “very serious allegations, serious charges, and it's incumbent on Iran to at last engage with the IAEA in a credible and transparent manner to address these concerns."
The United States has remained close-lipped on the report, arguing that the report is considered a classified document, but confirming that Iran will be an agenda item at a meeting of the IAEA Board of Governors scheduled for November 18.