Vilna'i: Nationwide defense drill's success is our security

Homeland Security Minister Matan Vilna'i on Sunday commented on the “Turning Point 5” nationwide civil-defense exercise that began earlier in the day, saying "I look around the world and nowhere are there exercises of this scope. It and its success are our security."
Vilna'i made the comments at the weekly cabinet meeting, saying that, "The exercise regards extreme situations such as massive firing deep into the State of Israel."
Explaining why the drill is important, the minister said "it is designed, first of all, for those who sit around this table, so that we might coordinate among ourselves, take responsibility and also emphasize national infrastructures. All of our national infrastructures will participate in the exercise as will one-third of local councils, which are our cornerstones.  There will be staff exercises that we will all be involved in."
As part of the exercise, two sirens are set to sound off around the country on Wednesday, one at at 11:00 and one at 19:00.