Washington Post to Obama: Be more explicit on Iran

The Washington Post's editorial board on Friday urged US President Barack Obama to delineate clear "red lines" which if passed would prompt US military action against Iranian nuclear facilities.
Citing ongoing media speculation of an alleged rift between Obama and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, stemming from disagreements over how to confront Iran's nuclear progress, the newspaper's editors stated that "if Obama really is determined to take military action if Iran takes decisive steps toward producing a bomb...he would be wise to say so publicly" by issuing "a more explicit presidential statement."
While the editors contended that "there would be dangers" to such a declaration, "including that the United States would start down a slippery slope toward war," they nonetheless encouraged the move as "doing so would improve relations with Netanyahu and deter unilateral Israeli action - and it might well convince Iran that the time has come to compromise."