Wiesel accuses Hamas of child sacrifice

Nobel Peace laureate Elie Wiesel used the story of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac in an advertising campaign meant to frame the modern conflict between Israel and Hamas.
Though Abraham lifted his knife to sacrifice his son, his hand was stayed by God’s command – thereby rejecting child sacrifice forever, Wiesel said. “Jews rejected child sacrifice 3,500 years ago. Now it’s Hamas’s turn.” The suffering of those in Gaza is immense and a true tragedy, Wiesel said, but the blame lays solely with Hamas, which uses children as human shields.
The campaign, organized by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s organization This World: The Values Network, seeks to defend Israel and disseminate universal Jewish values in politics, media and culture. “If Israel did not resist the terrorists of Hamas, it would be guilty of contempt for the lives of its own citizens,” Boteach said. Israel is a culture of life. It promotes the infinite value of life. “Our purpose is to bring one of the greatest moral voices of our time and one of the most respected human beings alive, who bore witness to the atrocities of genocide and the Holocaust, to respond to the ugly and fraudulent criticisms of Israel and call for an end to the genocidal aspirations of Hamas.”
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