Ya'alon: Gaza will pay a heavy price if it challenge if calm is not maintained

Minister of Defense Moshe Ya'alon responded to the Tuesday night rocket fired at Israel from the Gaza strip, saying that if there isn't calm between Israel and Gaza, the Gaza Strip will pay a very heavy price, adding that Israel's response would "cause anyone that tries to challenge us to be sorry for what they did."
Islamic Jihad was named as the responsible party for firing the rocket, said another senior security official. The official said the rocket was fired "as a result of internal conflicts within the organization." Still, Ya'alon maintained the position that Hamas is held responsible for anything that happens in the Strip.
"Hamas is well advised to curb any attempts to fire at Israel or cause other provocations, otherwise we will have to use even more force," Ya'alon said on Wednesday. "I don't recommend that anyone tries to test us."
He said that everything will be done to maintain the safety and normal daily routine for residents of southern Israel.
"Israel will not be idle toward threats made to residents of the South."
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