Ya'alon: Service law must divide burden, not tear society

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Monday said that the replacement for the Tal Law, which he is working on drafting with MK Yohanan Plesner (Kadima), holds great opportunity for change but must be practical and cannot tear society apart.
The Likud minister tapped to help draft the new law said the legislation has the potential to dramatically change reality, "from what (currently) exists to what we want it to be."But alluding to the sensitivity of the issue, he said, "we are certainly worried that if we immediately [begin] drafting every 18 year old, we will see resistance from the haredi (community), and that will be a double-edge sword," he said in an interview with Army Radio. "The law needs to reflect our true intentions. It needs to divide the burden equally among the populations, and also needs to be practical without tearing society apart," he added.
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