Yacimovich: I’m proud to be in the opposition

Labor is staying out of the coalition, because it would get empty portfolios and not be able to promote its agenda, party leader Shelly Yacimovich wrote in an e-mail to Labor members on Saturday.
“We are going to lead the opposition. The opposition isn’t a holy ends, but it is a worthy place that is essential in a democracy, in which big changes can be made,” she explained. “We can have an influence, lead a path, start processes, in order to create, with hard work, an alternative to the government.”
Yacimovich added that she has experience fighting from the opposition and was, at times, more effective than ministers, who are held back by government unity even if they disagree with a policy.
The Labor leader also emphasized the importance of keeping her word - in this case, a campaign promise not to join a Netanyahu-led coalition - when the public has very little faith in politicians.