Yadlin: Israel will act on any suspected weapons transfer

"Any time Israel will have reliable intelligence that this is going to be transferred from Syria to Lebanon, it will act," director of the Institute for National Security Studies, Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, said Saturday.
In an interview with The Washington Post, Yadlin said Israeli responses to potential weapons transfers may not happen automatically, but "as the Syrian army becomes weaker and Hezbollah grows more isolated because of the loss of its Syrian patron, it makes sense that this will continue."
According to Yadlin, there are four types of weapons whose transfer to militant groups would not be tolerated: advanced air defense systems, ballistic missiles, sophisticated shore-to-sea missiles and chemical weapons, the Washington Post reported.
Yadlin cautioned that every Israeli strike would raise the risk of escalation. "The decision makers have to reevaluate every time," Yadlin warned. "It’s not a mathematical equation," the Post quoted Yadlin as saying.
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