Yechimovich compares PM portfolio request to Halutz scandal

Labor party leader Shelly Yechimovich on Monday compared Prime Minister Netanyahu's request to adjust his investment portfolio with improprieties of former IDF chief of staff Dan Halutz during the Second Lebanon War.
"If [Netanyahu] has important information, he should share it with the public," Yechimovich said. "We have already been witness to improprieties by [former IDF] chief of staff Halutz, who sent IDF soldiers into combat, during which many of them lost their lives, but found time to call the bank and to sell his shares. The public is disgusted, and rightly so," she said.
Former IDF chief of staff Dan Halutz was accused of insider trading for liquidating his investment portfolio just two hours after Hezbollah gunmen kidnapped two soldiers along the northern border. Halutz's portfolio was valued at approximately NIS 120,000. It would have suffered losses with the rest of the Tel Aviv 25 index, which dropped 8.3 percent during the week following the outbreak of hostilities.
Yechimovich added: "Elected officials are not permitted to play with the shares placed in a blind trust, in the hands of a professional, as is required by law," Everyone knows that the prime minister is privy to the deepest level of security and economic information, and that he himself has a significant amount of influence on these things. Netanyahu himself can send shockwaves through the markets through his decision, and its too bad that he fails to understand the dramatic effects of his request."