Yesh Atid leader explains the difference between himself and Netanyahu

"I understand [Public Security] Minister Yariv Levin missed me terribly," said Lapid while addressing Knesset lawmakers Monday evening, "so I wish to explain to him in brief and in a focused manner the difference between me and the Prime Minister in the Milchan Affair."
Lapid said that "the Prime Minister accepted one million shekels and promoted the Milchan Law, I did not get anything from anyone and stopped the Milchan Law. That is the entire difference."
Earlier on Monday Minister Levin was angered by Lapid calling for a vote of no confidence in the government and not remaining in the Knesset to hear the outcome.
Minister Levin called Lapid's actions "nerve and cowardice" and called "where are you? Come back here to hear my answer!"
Addressing the empty seat Lapid normally sits in while in the Knesset Minister Levin said: "Did you report you own connection to Milchan or not? Were you in touch with him over the years or not?"