Yesh Atid MK calls for surrogacy law to be amended

Opposition Yesh Atid Member of Knesset Yael German responded to the government's announcement that it will not bring the surrogacy law to a vote in the upcoming Knesset session. 
"Twenty-two years of discrimination are enough," German said. "We will raise the issue of the surrogacy law on the first day the Knesset goes back into session."
"The time has come for the prime minister to stand behind his statements," said German, who first raised the issue of Israel's surrogacy law in 2014. "The excuses are over, the surrogacy law can be passed and the discrimination will end once and for all."
Pending the 40 signatures on a letter Yesh Atid initiated, the Knesset is obligated to convene a discussion in the presence of the prime minister on the issue of surrogacy within 21 days of the opening of the next Knesset session.
According to the law today, surrogacy in Israel can only be performed by a man and woman who are a couple, or a single woman who is suffering from a medical issue that requires her to undergo the procedure.
The proposed bill would also allow same-sex couples and single fathers to exercise their right to become parents by means of surrogacy in Israel.
MK German and Yesh Atid's bill will be raised in a ministerial committee on Sunday, November 14.