Unbabel enhances AI translation tech with acquisition of Israel-based Bablic

The acquisition will help facilitate performance of websites world wide, by helping them translate them through AI.

 Hebrew letters (illustrative) (photo credit: FLICKR)
Hebrew letters (illustrative)
(photo credit: FLICKR)

Leading AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform Unbabel, has announced its acquisition of Bablic, a Tel Aviv-based cloud-enabled solution for website localization and translation management.

This strategic move allows Unbabel to enhance its ability to adapt websites for a global audience, providing quality-checked, localized language while reducing costs, labor and project completion time.

The integration of Bablic's website translation capabilities will enable Unbabel users to easily identify errors and ensure their websites are ready for customers.

The importance of globalization in business cannot be overstated, with 95% of the world's consumers residing outside of the US. Recent research reveals that localization can significantly impact a company's online presence, increasing search traffic by 47%, website visits by 70%, and conversion rates by 20%. These improvements contribute to enhanced sales performance and improved customer acquisition.

By incorporating Bablic into its platform, Unbabel equips customers with the ability to effortlessly translate their websites, enabling global sales expansion, improved SEO, increased website traffic and higher conversion rates.

 Israeli perspective on artificial intelligence (Illustrative). (credit: DAVID YAPHE, EGOR VIKHREV/UNSPLASH)
Israeli perspective on artificial intelligence (Illustrative). (credit: DAVID YAPHE, EGOR VIKHREV/UNSPLASH)

Vasco Pedro, Co-founder and CEO of Unbabel, emphasized the significance of a business's digital footprint in reaching buyers in their local language. “With the acquisition of Bablic, Unbabel is tackling this crucial component in the translation industry and truly taking website translation to a level we haven’t seen in the market yet,” said Pedro.

“Bablic’s strategy and mission aligns perfectly with Unbabel, and bringing them into our family will directly and positively impact our customers’ digital footprints - opening up opportunities for growth and expanded business success through LangOps.”

Cutting edge Israeli startup

Founded in Israel, Bablic aims to be the most cost-effective translation management tool for businesses of all sizes. Its solutions empower customers to maximize SEO benefits while easily controlling localized content without requiring coding expertise.

Bablic enables organic growth in international traffic, facilitating seamless web updates in real-time with customizable translation preferences.

Gabriele Manasse, Founder & CEO of Bablic, expressed excitement about the partnership with Unbabel and the transformation it brings to the translation industry. “With the combination of Unbabel’s robust language operations offerings and our capabilities, we can deliver the best website localization possible. Not only to create a personalized experience for the end-users and increase conversion rates, but also to leverage the benefits of multilingual SEO,to further help enterprises grow globally,” he said.

This acquisition signifies a significant step forward in the development of AI translation technology. It showcases the power of integrating AI and automation into language operations, enabling businesses to effectively communicate and engage with customers worldwide. With this advancement, businesses can expand their reach, enhance their online presence, and create meaningful connections with a global audience.