Average wage at NIS 7,868 in June [p. 17]

The gross average wage among Israeli salary-earners was NIS 7,868 in June, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Thursday. The wage was calculated from the 2.6 million Israelis that CBS said were employed during the month. In June 2005, some 2.487 million Israelis earned an average NIS 7,475 for the month. The data did not include the 64,000 foreign workers, who took home an average NIS 4,060 this June, or the 11,700 workers from Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip. Bringing them into the equation showed the combined average wage to be NIS 7,755 among 2.676 million employed people in June. Trend data showed there was a 1.2 percent growth in the number of workers between May and June on an annualized basis, while the gross average wage grew an annualized 6.6% for the period based on fixed prices. For the first half of the year, the gross average wage grew 0.6% compared to the parallel period in 2005. The banking, insurance and financial sector showed the biggest rise in salaries - 7% in the six-month period, while wages in the business services sector grew 2.5%, and industry showed a 2% average pay increase. On the downside, the agricultural, hospitality and health sectors all had decreases of approximately 0.5%. Educational workers received roughly the same salaries in the January to June period this year as last. CBS said that some 37% of the total salaried workforce, or 940,000 people, earned below half the average wage and that the average wage of this group was NIS 2,648.