Blue Square Israel to launch 'loyalty club'

Blue Square Israel, one of the country's leadingsupermarket and retail chains, announced Wednesday it will launch arevamped loyalty scheme next week under the You brand, introducingloyalty- and credit-card reward schemes, with the aim of boosting itscustomer base to 500,000 by the end of the year.
Thenew "loyalty club" will offer two different cards: a You loyalty cardand a You loyalty credit card issued via Diners Club and Mastercard. Bythe end of 2009, Blue Square hopes to attract 350,000 You loyalty-cardcustomers and 150,000 You loyalty-credit-card customers.
Blue Square operates four food-marketing chains: Mega, Mega inthe City, Mega Bull and Edan Teva Market. It introduced the You loyaltycard in mid-2006, and it had 115,000 customers holding the Diners Youcredit card in mid-July.
Rewards on the new loyalty cards include automatic rebates ofNIS 2 to NIS 3 on a selection of 40 basic products that cost from NIS20 to NIS 35 and special discounts on other products. Blue Square saidit would spend NIS 2.5 million on the scheme's marketing campaign.
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