IBA deputy head quits as prospects for reform turn bleak

The resignation follows the recent resignation of chairman Moshe Gavish.

Israel Broadcasting Authority deputy chairman Dorit Inbar announced her resignation on Monday, following in the footsteps of last week's resignation of chairman Moshe Gavish. In her letter to Information and Diaspora Minister Yuli Edelstein (Likud), who is responsible for the implementation of the Broadcasting Authority Law, Inbar wrote that she had come on board at the behest of Gavish and had no desire to continue as a member of the plenum or the board of management if he was not around. As far as she could tell, the chances of reform were almost nil, so to remain in office, would from her perspective be a pointless exercise. Also on Monday, film director Doron Tsabari, who sits on the IBA's board of management as well as on its plenary, resigned. In his letter, Tsabari notes that in the decade that he has been a member of the IBA institutions, he has devoted his energies toward its reform. Although many promises have been made by a succession of ministers, chairmen and directors-general, there has been no real progress, he wrote. Tsabari began his struggle toward reform in 1999 in his capacity as chairman of the Forum for Creativity and Documentaries. Since that time, he wrote, there have been four directors-general, five chairmen and six ministers in charge. All promised reform. None carried it out, he wrote. Edelstein is the seventh minister in Tsabari's period of service, and Tsabari's letter raised serious doubts as to whether Edelstein will do any better than his predecessors. "Put the right person at the head of a body that has lost its direction and its vision, and in a relatively short space of time you will see that everything begins to change and that hope springs from the ruins," he wrote, citing US President Barack Obama as a prime example. In all the years that he had served in a voluntary capacity in various positions within the IBA institutions as well as outside of them, Tsabari continued, he had not met a more suitable person than Gavish to carry out the reforms. He had no words to express his admiration for the manner in which Gavish had taken it upon himself to perform a public service. He praised Gavish's wisdom, knowledge, integrity, dedication and generosity and said that no one else could compare with him. Tsabari deplored the "cold shoulder" which he wrote that Edelstein had shown to Gavish, and predicted that the minister's attitude would be his downfall. "I'm sorry to say, but I have no confidence in you," Tsabari concluded Almost immediately following Gavish's resignation last week, IBA director-general Moti Sklaar issued a statement pledging that the reforms would be implemented as planned.