Israel water firm to bring technologies to India

Whitewater Technologies, provides software for water projects, signed a MOU with Tatva Global Water Technologies of Mumbai.

Waterfall pond 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Waterfall pond 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An Israeli “smart water” network- software management firm will be setting up shop in India after signing a cooperation agreement with an Indian environmental infrastructure firm this week.
Whitewater Technologies, which provides software tools for overseeing water quality and operations, signed a memorandum of understanding with Tatva Global Water Technologies, a Mumbai-based giant that provides environmental and waste-management solutions for cities, towns and industries all over the subcontinent.
Whitewater will bring to India its WaterWall information technology, which performs analytics, automates procedures and provides security to water supplies, as well as its BlueBox intelligent water analytics system, which analyzes water quality in real time and detects abnormal events, the company said.
Tatva and Whitewater representatives are mapping out their existing pipelines and exploring the potential scope of the technologies, the firms said in a press statement.
“This agreement will enable us to penetrate the Indian market, focusing on our core water quality and security competencies,” Whitewater Technologies CEO Issey Ende said. The relationship between the two firms will be a complementary, mutually beneficial partnership, he said.
“Tatva has a wealth of water quality and network-efficiency knowledge that we are certain will lead to successful delivery of any solution,” Ende said. “Together, we will generate a set of solutions covering the needs for online water-quality monitoring and critical security awareness.”
Tatva will represent and speak on behalf of Whitewater at the upcoming India Water Expo in Ahmedabad and at the Everything About Water Expo in Chennai, the statement said.
“Tatva Global Water Technologies specializes in providing utility services and implementation of commercial and technical systems in the water utility industry,” Tatva CEO K. Ashok Natarajan said. “We feel that the partnership with Whitewater provides a unique combination of industrial solutions and water-management systems aimed at improving overall utility performance and efficiency.”