Israeli-Japanese joint venture to develop translations

Technologies would be capable of producing real-time voice recognition, multi-language translations for personal electronics.

Israel Japan venture 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Israel Japan venture 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Israeli microprocessor firm Plurality and Japanese electronic communications company Advanced Media have announced a joint venture to develop technologies capable of producing real-time voice recognition and multi-language translations for personal electronics.
The companies described their integrated multi-core processor and its role in emerging technologies last Thursday at the HyperCore Technology Conference at Kibbutz Shefayim. Plurality chairman and CEO Igor Pe’er and Advanced Media chairman and CEO Kiyoyuki Suzuki talked about their plans for the future of real-time translation technologies.
Suzuki demonstrated voice-recognition technologies his company is developing. He spoke into a small phone in Japanese and a simultaneous transliteration of his words appeared on the screen behind him. He then demonstrated a translation application that provided a word-for-word conversion from Japanese into English.
Pe’er said the joint venture emerged out of a need to consolidate technologies.
“I saw what they were doing in Japan and I thought, let’s do this together,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “We can combine our processor performance with their experience in communication integration.”
Pe’er said the technology is a great leap forward for communication and offers limitless benefits.
“In a world where often the absence of a common language can separate cultures, this can bring people closer together,” he said.
The companies plan to develop the software to market translation software for Japanese, Chinese and English, Pe’er said.
“We wanted to create a technological synergy and bring our combined experience in the field of communications to a whole new level,” he said.