Life sciences lead local patent requests [p.15]

The life sciences industry continued to lead the way in Israeli innovation and research, accounting for 50 percent of all patent requests submitted in 2005. A survey conducted by the life sciences division of Reinhold Cohn attorneys showed that of a total of 6,842 patent requests presented last year, approximately half were in the biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceutical industries, which make up the life sciences sector. "In the last few years there has been a strong rise in patent activity in life sciences," said Ilan Cohn, senior partner at Reinhold Cohn. "The high level of activity in the local industry is without doubt also apparent in the area of patents." According to the survey, one-quarter of the total life science patent requests in Israel, or 1,523 patents, were from Israelis. In addition, some 1,000 US life science patents were granted in 2005 to Israelis, who submitted 2,827 requests there, which Cohn noted was out of proportion when compared to countries with much larger population sizes than Israel. "Switzerland, for example, with a population approximately three times that of Israel, received 1,214 and forwarded 2,222 patents for US approval last year," Cohn said.