Pontis tops Technology Fast 50 list

Israel’s fastest-growing technology companies grew average 740% in five years.

financial graph 311 (photo credit: stock photo)
financial graph 311
(photo credit: stock photo)
Pontis, a developer of software marketing systems for communication service providers, was ranked the fastestgrowing technology company in Israel by the 2010 Deloitte Brightman Almagor Technology Fast 50 report, reflecting a rise in the company’s sales of 5,500 percent within five years.
“The hi-tech industry and the technology sector, similar to the world economy, has been hit as a result of the economic crisis,” said Igal Brightman, chairman and CEO of Deloitte Brightman Almagor.
“However, the companies that made this year’s list prove that the Israeli hitech sector is managing to report growth even in a period of crisis. Although the pace of growth that the companies showed is not as impressive as in the previous years, the level is still a sign of the strength in the sector.”
The report emphasized the importance of investment into education and innovation as well as increasing cooperation with the Finance Ministry and other governmental bodies to maximize available resources to secure the growth of technology companies that advance the Israeli economy forward.
The Deloitte Brightman Almagor Technology Fast 50 is an annual ranking of the 50 privately- and publiclyheld fastest growing technology companies in Israel based on percentage growth over five years. The Fast 50 program honors business growth, technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.
Deloitte Brightman Almagor reviewed revenues for the fiscal years 2005-2009, calculated the revenuegrowth percentage over five years, and compared it to the growth of participating technology companies, all of which had enough confidence in their financial prowess to invite close scrutiny of their economic performance.
No. 1 Pontis has created the world’s first marketing delivery platform, which allows mobile, TV and fixed-line operators to target customers with personalized marketing offers based on actual user behavior and interests.
Among its clients in Israel are Partner, Hot and Pelephone.
Tufin Technologies Inc., which was ranked No. 2, is a leading provider of security life-cycle management solutions that enable companies to costeffectively manage their network-security policy, comply with regulatory standards and minimize IT risk. Over the 2005 to 2009 period, Tufin Technologies grew 5,359%.
Kontera Technologies Inc., No. 3, grew 3,689% over the past five years. Its technology performs real-time semantic analysis of content and other information to hyper-link the terms that most accurately represent and predict user intent and engagement. Kontera provides its technology to about 15,000 publishers reaching more than 140 million users a month.

Revenues at the 2010 Technology Fast 50 companies grew at an average pace of 740% and generated income of NIS 8.5 billion. The top-10 companies generated revenues of NIS 500,000 million and employed a total of 1,000 workers.
Out of the 50 fastest growing companies ranked this year, 31 made the list previously and 14 were included for four consecutive years.
The Technology Fast 50 is part of a national and international program run by Deloitte. Qualifying entrants of the Israel Fast 50 program will be submitted to the EMEA Fast 500 (Europe, Middle East and Africa), which identifies the 500 fastest growing technology companies in those regions.