Soaring Pessah wine sales set to hit NIS 160 million

Israelis are expected to consume some 7.5 million bottles of wine on seder night and over the entire Pessah holiday.

kosher wine (photo credit: )
kosher wine
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Israelis are will hit the bottle hard this Pessah, with some 7.5 million bottles of wine - more than 90 percent of which was produced locally - expected to be consumed over the holiday. Pessah wine sales are projected to reach NIS 160m., the Manufacturers Association of Israel said Thursday, representing a rise of 5-10% from last Pessah. The Israel Export Institute, meanwhile, noted that Pessah wine exports have grown 14% from 2006 levels, worth an estimated $7.75m. Local wine-makers have invested approximately NIS 54m. in new equipment and technology over the past year, and also have focused on developing new and unique wines leading, which the Association said contributed, in part, to this year's increase in sales. Additionally, wine retailers have noted that Israelis are purchasing more expensive bottles of wine. The price for an average bottle of wine is NIS 16 to NIS 95, the Manufacturers said.