Terminal 3 flies high in opinion poll

Just one year after the opening of the new terminal, the public seems to have lost its nostalgia for the old one.

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terminal 3 88
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Just one year after the opening of Terminal 3 at Ben Gurion Airport, the public seems to have lost the nostalgia it thought it would have for the old Terminal 1. A survey conducted by the Ergo Consulting Group showed that 90 percent of the public "don't miss the old terminal" and clearly prefer the new one. When Terminal 3 was opened in November last year, few disputed the appeal of a more modern and sophisticated first impression of Israel, though many looked back with fondness at the emotional stirring unique to the old terminal, which enabled visitors to step off the plane directly onto the tarmac and bore witness to some of Israel's most historical moments. For 80% of those questioned, however, going to the airport was a vastly better experience today, in all parameters, than it was over a year ago when international flights flew through Terminal 1. Dismissing initial concerns of teething problems, such long lines and check-in procedures in its first year of operation, the survey showed that 50% of passengers at Terminal 3 completed the entire check-in process - including security, check-in and hand luggage check - within 35 minutes, while 70% reached the duty free area within 57 minutes. The report comes a day after the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) presented details of the tender process for the design, marketing, management, and operation for the preparation of Terminal 1 and its adjoining areas - a total area of 78,000 square meters - for different use. Under the tender, the IAA intends to use 27,000 square meters as a terminal for local flights; a pre-flight area for planes; a center for information on aviation disaster; and office space for the IAA and others. The remaining 51,000 square meters would be available for use by the concessionaire according their proposals in the tender process. The winner would also gain 37,000 square meters of space which includes two building structures, 1,400 parking spaces and a potential for a further 600 spots.