All eyes on Iran at Christian United For Israel summit

At annual summit, Ambassador Dermer urges Chritian friends of Israel to show support for Israel.

All eyes on Iran at Christian United For Israel summit
The tenth annual Christians United For Israel (CUFI) summit focused heavily on Monday on the Iran nuclear talks, one day ahead of the announcement of an historic nuclear deal.
The summit, which began Monday, included a forum of US presidential candidates moderated by the Wall Street Journal's Bret Stephens, who asked candidates about the imminent nuclear deal with Iran.
"John Kerry should get up on his crutches, he ought to walk out of that room, go straight to Jerusalem, hug Benjamin Netanyahu and say, 'We are going to stand with our real friend," Mike Huchabee, republican presidential candidate said to warm applause from the audience.
"They're crazy, but they're not stupid," Lindsey Graham, another republican presidential candidate, said when asked about Iran.
 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also a guest at the summit, via video satellite. He warned of what he thought would happen to the Middle East if Iran were allowed to possess nuclear weapons.
"Preventing the Islamic Republic of Iran from building nuclear weapons is the paramount challenge of our generation. This is not about partisan politics, this is about survival," Netanyahu said.
Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer also weighed in on the issue, emphasizing that the support of Israel's Christian friends was more pressing than event. "That deal will not bring peace closer. It will bring war closer - making conventional war more likely today and the horrors of nuclear terrorism more likely tomorrow," he warned.
"This is a time to speak up," he urged the American Christian audience.  "This is a time to stand up. And I ask all of you to stand with Israel." staff contributed to this report