American tourist in Germany beaten for performing Nazi salute

It's illegal to display Nazi symbols in Germany, but tourists seem to not be aware of it.

No haters at all  (photo credit: CARLOS LATUFF / WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
No haters at all
An American tourist was beaten by a local man after he made a Nazi salute in Dresden, Germany.
The American man, 41, was heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident on Saturday, with a blood alcohol level of .276 percent, the German news service Deutsch Welle reported.
The man was lightly injured, according to reports. His assailant ran away after the attack and is wanted by police.
The incident comes a week after two Chinese tourists were arrested in Germany for making the Nazi salute in front of the Reichstag German parliament building.
Those men were arrested for “using symbols of illegal organizations,” according to police. They were released after each posted bail of 500 euros, or nearly $600. If convicted, the men face a fine or prison sentence of up to three years.
It is illegal to display symbols of Nazism in Germany. Tourists appear to be unaware of the law, according to local reports.