Antisemitism Cow is fighting Jew hatred with 'moos'

The Twitter Cow responds to all kinds of antisemitic content on Twitter, sometimes commenting, but generally retweeting antisemitic content with an added "MOO."

Cow illustrative (photo credit: KIM HANSEN/WIKIPEDIA)
Cow illustrative
(photo credit: KIM HANSEN/WIKIPEDIA)
Antisemitism Cow is a Twitter user who, in their own words, “is a simple cow that moos at antisemitic stuff.” Antisemitism Cow joined Twitter in June of this year and has spent their time on the social media website mooing in all caps at antisemitic tweets and comments.
The user, whose profile picture and cover photo are both of cows, responds to antisemitic content on the platform, sometimes commenting, but generally retweeting antisemitic content with an added moo comment.
Antisemitism cow has amassed over 12,500 followers, many of whom came to its defense when antisemitic Twitter users tried to publish the personal details of the person they thought was behind the account, according to the Forward.
In a show of support for Antisemitism Cow, scores of fans and followers claimed to be the person behind the account.
When asked what it wanted its followers to know about hate speech on social media, Antisemitism Cow didn’t give a straight answer but, rather cryptically, sent the Forward two articles in response to the question.
The first, an article from The Verge, asserts that “not feeding the trolls” or ignoring online hate, only exacerbates online abuse.

The second was a Huffington Post article that showed that the problem of antisemitic Twitter trolls goes beyond individuals, and that Twitter is still a popular platform for white supremacists over a year after promising to crack down on them.

This response seemed to be a sort of declaration of intent for the cow. When combined with Antisemitism Cow’s response to the Forward’s question of if it wanted to add anything--a GIF of a giant swastika being demolished in a huge blast, this declaration seems to become even clearer.