UK woman arrested for calling Grenfell Tower fire a 'Jewish sacrifice'

A London woman has been jailed for 11 months for claiming the 2017 London Grenfell Tower fire was 'Jewish sacrifice.'

 Grenfell Tower fire, 4:43 a.m. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Grenfell Tower fire, 4:43 a.m.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

A 51-year-old woman from the UK, Tahra Ahmed, was jailed on Friday for posting antisemitic conspiracy theories about the deadly 2017 Grenfell Tower fire on social media, The Independent reported on Monday.

Four days passed after the fire on June 14, 2017, when Ahmed posted a video on Facebook claiming all 72 victims were "burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice."

The Grenfell Tower fire was one of the UK's worst modern disasters, killing 72 people and injured another 74.

"I've been at the scene, at the protest and at the community meetings and have met many of the victims… some who were still in the same clothes they escaped in," Ahmed's post read "They are very real and genuine, their pain and suffering is raw and deep and their disgusting neglect by authorities continues. Watch the footage of people trapped in the inferno with flames behind them. They were burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice." 

According to the BBC, she also connected the Grenfell fire to "an antisemitic conspiracy surrounding the 9/11 terror attacks in New York" and her Facebook account revealed a history of antisemitic comments

Ahmed was found guilty of two counts of stirring up racial hatred by publishing written material and on Friday was sentenced to 11 months in jail following the trial at Old Bailey, England and Wales' Central Criminal Court. 

Prosecutor Hugh French told jurors that two of her posts "crossed the line as to what is acceptable in a liberal society," The Independent reported.

She has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that her posts were political rather than discriminatory or antisemitic.