White supremacist social network site exposed

One particularly infamous aspect of the site is the option for users to send each other pro-Nazi GIFs, animations and emojis.

‘Banners of Hate’ placed by US white supremacist groups (photo credit: ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE)
‘Banners of Hate’ placed by US white supremacist groups
A white supremacist social network connects neo-Nazis and fascists from around the world allowing them to express their controversial opinions unfiltered, the Middle East Media Research Institute reported.
MEMRI’s investigative report left the name of the website, WorldTruthMX, censored, but its name was disclosed in an interview with one of its founders with the far-right publication Occidental Observer, which the report cited.
Founded in 2012 and currently boasting a membership base of 1,500 users, WorldTruthMX bears similarities to Facebook, allowing users to message one another and share stories and images on each other’s pages. Notably, the site markets itself as a promoter of free speech with zero censorship, allowing the sharing of uniquely pro-Nazi imagery, as well as allowing niche communities such as a KKK subsidiary to have an outlet and platform.
Membership is not required to access the site though membership packages are offered, and users are encouraged to support the site through credit card payments or cryptocurrency.
Further adding to the site’s controversy as a home to radical white supremacist ideology, the website uses the banner of the Démocratie Participative, a French website known to be antisemitic, anti-LGBT, anti-black and anti-Muslim. The banner also bears a resemblance to the banner of The Daily Stormer, though WorldTruth’s banner includes a saluting Adolf Hitler.
One particularly infamous aspect of the website is the option for users to send each other unique pro-Nazi GIFs, animations and emojis. While standard emojis are available, other, far more controversial ones, are, as well. These range from Pepe the Frog, the “OK” hand symbol, which has been appropriated by white supremacists, a noose, a Zyklon-B gas canister, a caricature of a greedy Jew rubbing his hands in glee and a depiction of a black man labeled “N*****.”
In the documents tab of the website, users are able to access a library of shareable antisemitic texts. This compilation includes SS publications that focus on race theory and mate selection, as well as Martin Luther’s infamous text, “Concerning the Jews and their Lies.”
Chatting on the site is filled with white supremacist ideologies, including one user wishing to leave “this Jew infested dump” and move to another country “where I can live like a white man again,” MEMRI reported.
Much of the user-generated content on the site is devoted to Nazi propaganda.
One user shared a graphic of Hitler hugging two children, alongside the text, “I’m Sorry, I Tried,” MEMRI reported.
“We will try again,” the user wrote. “We will be unrelenting in our racial struggle to rid our people of the oppression of Jewry. History will repeat itself, but this time we will be the victors. Save our Children. Embrace National Socialism. Together we can avenge them and prevent more tragic cases just like this.”
A separate site with the same operators, WTVideo, uses an interface similar to YouTube, allowing users to upload, share and view a wide range of unfiltered content, much of it consisting of videos with allegedly racist caricatures and clips of Nazis and Nazi ideology.
The most-viewed video on the site was titled, “Will you Bite the Hand that Feeds?”
The video consists of a montage of antisemitic caricatures, fascist imagery, news clips and more, all set to the song “The Hand that Feeds” by Nine Inch Nails. Uploaded in September 2019, the video’s creator – a user named Hard Right Turn – refers to the video as “An original, alt-right-style video” for the song.