Jewish Agency, World Mizrachi collaborate to increase Jewish education for Diaspora Jews

A new MASA program received funding to encourage Diaspora Jews to seek religious educational opportunities in Israel.

Diaspora student initiative  (photo credit: WORLD MIZRACHI)
Diaspora student initiative
(photo credit: WORLD MIZRACHI)

More young Diaspora Jews will have the opportunity to experience yeshiva and seminary education thanks to a new MASA program. The initiative, made possible by a collaboration between the Jewish Agency and World Mizrachi, will provide funding to support furthering Jewish education for students outside of the holy land.

This new initiative has received funding from Israel's government and has been designated as funding to give students the ability to come to Israel to expand their Jewish knowledge base. 

The MASA program is the result of a collaborative effort between the Israeli government and the Jewish Agency for Israel. MASA provides thousands of Diaspora Jews to come to Israel to study abroad, complete professional internships, and volunteer throughout Israel. 

MASA program participants return to Israel, whether as a visitor or to live, at considerably higher rates than those who do not, Israel Hayom reported.

Funding to expose students to a world of Jewish learning

World Mizrachi is an organization that represents the majority of yeshivot and seminaries that are part of MASA. The organization recently approached the Jewish Agency to request more funding to encourage an increased number of participants who would receive additional funding. 

 Diaspora students at work (credit: WORLD MIZRACHI) Diaspora students at work (credit: WORLD MIZRACHI)

Senior officials in the Jewish Agency and World Mizrachi, as well as MK Ohad Tal from the Religious Zionist party, supported this specified funding.  

The Jewish Agency also confirmed that the money allocated to MASA will support students looking to study in Israel. Additionally, the funding will help high school graduates from poorer countries who are looking to join youth programs in Israel.

“MASA program participants from all over the world serve as the ideal bridge between Diaspora Jewry and the state and people of Israel.  They represent the next generation of Jewry and we know that when they return home they will serve as future communal leaders and ambassadors on behalf of Israel,” Jewish Agency Chair Doron Almog said.

The Religious Zionist Party's MK Ohad Tal added, “I welcome the chance to thank Doron Almog, Chair of the Jewish Agency for his personal involvement and commitment to securing this important funding. The opportunity for these students to come study and experience Israel is critical for protecting their proud Jewish identities.”

World Mizrachi expressed gratitude for those who helped secure funding.

"World Mizrachi will continue to work to expand opportunities to enable students from abroad to come learn and experience Israel and strengthen their personal bonds with our land and its people.”