Nicki Minaj comes under fire for alleged use of Nazi imagery in new music video

The Canadian rapper Drake who is half-Jewish also criticized after participating in the video.

Niki Minaj music video screenshot. (photo credit: screenshot)
Niki Minaj music video screenshot.
(photo credit: screenshot)
The American songwriter and rapper Nicki Minaj has come under fire for her alleged use of Nazi imagery in a new sexually explicit lyric video for the song "Only," the site Gossip Cop reported on Sunday.
In the black and white video, an animated Minaj appears as a dictator. Soldiers appear with red armbands reminiscent of the ones Nazis wore and large red banner flags appear with an overlapping Y-M  symbol that looks similar to a swastika. 
YM stands for Young Money and is the record label founded by the rapper Lil Wayne, who appears in comic form in the video along with an animated Drake who is half Jewish.
“Nicki Minaj’s new video makes me very uncomfortable whether it was intentional or not I don’t think it’s ok to use Nazi imagery like that," was one of the many responses on Twitter according to the report. 
Niki Minaj video "Only"
Other criticism on Twitter was directed at Drake. 
"Drake I don’t get how you’re Jewish participating in a video that is clearly mimicking Nazi propaganda like are you dumb or do u not care?," someone tweeted.
Minaj was set to host the MTV Europe Music Awards in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday evening.