WATCH: Holocaust survivors speak out against hate

Holocaust Survivors send a message about hate from their own lives in a video by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

"You should not stand by”: Holocaust survivors speak out against hate (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum published a video of Holocaust survivors speaking out against “The dangers of unchecked hate,” on YouTube last week.
The 90 second video features volunteers from the museum speaking briefly about their encounters with the Holocaust. “Not knowing from one minute to another if we are going to live another day,” a Holocaust survivor described her experience in the video.
The Holocaust survivors in the video had clear messages for the public: Stand up to hate.
”Don’t take your freedom or liberty for granted,” one of the participants in the video said.  “Know what it [, the Holocaust,] was like and that it can happen again,” “Never become collaborators, bystanders or onlookers,” and to be more tolerant were also messages relayed in the video.

This isn’t the first time the museum has come out with a video against hate. Earlier this month the museum posted a video on YouTube titled “Museum Condemns Violence in Charlottesville.” This video calls on knowledgeable people to speak up against hate and antisemitism, to “know the history “and “recognize the warning signs,” in light of the recent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that caused world-wide uproar.