World synagogues call on public to recite special Hanukkah COVID prayer

Unfortunately, coronavirus does not allow us to celebrate this year as we generally would.

Lighting of the Hanukkah menorah  (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)
Lighting of the Hanukkah menorah
Every year on Hanukkah, people gather together to light Hanukkah candles – mostly in synagogues, with extended families, at events and festive parties and more.
Unfortunately, coronavirus does not allow people to celebrate this year, and the ceremonies remembering the miracle of Hanukkah will be performed throughout Israel in courtyards, in a minyan (prayer grouping) of ten worshipers in synagogues or in small family gatherings. 
In light of this, the World Organization of Synagogues and Orthodox Communities called on the public to say a special prayer when lighting Hanukkah candles before the blessings amid the coronavirus pandemic. 
Below are the Hebrew and English versions of the prayer: 
"יהי רצון מלפני אבינו שבשמים שתשלח רחמיך ורפואתך לעולם, ותרפאנו ממגפות וחוליים רעים וקשים. ותוציאנו מבידוד לרווחה, מיחידות לחבורה ומאפילה לאורה. ונזכה לעמוד כולנו יחד בבריאות, בשמחה, ובאחווה, לעשות רצונך בלבב שלם. ויתקיים בנו במהרה 'והדליקו נרות בחצרות קדשיך', בפרסום הנס ברבים, ותשמע קול תפילתנו ובקשותינו כבימים ההם בזמן הזה, וכן יהי רצון ונאמר אמן."
"May our father in heaven send mercy and healing to the world, and may we be healed of difficult plagues and diseases. And take us out of isolation and into well-being, out of single units and into groups, and out of darkness and into light. And may we all stand together in health, joy, and brotherhood, to do your will wholeheartedly. And it shall be soon in us, 'Light candles in the courts of your sanctuary,' in the proclamation of the miracle in the multitude, and hear the voice of our prayers and our requests as in those days at that time, and let there be a will. Amen."