Netanyahu: Jewish people are strong because 'we are united'

Prime minister urges Jewish communities all over the world to continue to stand with Israel.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu
(photo credit: YouTube Screenshot)
As the Jewish New Year approaches, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has released his annual Rosh Hashana greeting, urging Jewish communities all over the world to continue to stand with Israel, and in return, promising support for the international Jewish community.
"There is no doubt that Jewish communites will continue to stand by Israel, just as Israel will continue to be there for Jewish people everywhere," Netanyahu said with a family photo barely visible in the background.
He stressed that "Jewish unity is a major part of our collective strength," and added that as a people, the Jews have "defied the laws of history."
Netanyahu added that the holidays are a time for reflection, and while Israel is advanced in many areas, there are still many challenges ahead that the country must face, most urgently, the conflict in Syria. The prime minister reiterated that Israel has no involvement in the conflict, however, it would "act with resolve" to protect its people.
Continuing on the topic of defense, Netanyahu mentioned Iran, and their ongoing nuclear program which has continuously threatened Israel, the Middle East region, as well as the entire world.
"We can not allow the world's most dangerous regime obtain the world's most dangerous weapons," he reiterated. "They must be stopped."
Finally, touching on a subject closer to home, Netanyahu stressed the importance of a lasting peace agreement with the Palestinians. The challenge, he said, is "advancing peace while maintaining our security."
He also said he would have no part in a misleading peace agreement, which is "celebrated for two minutes and then collapses." Peace should be "real and enduring."
In a region suffering from unprecedented violence and turmoil, "we remain an oasis of democracy, stability, tolerance, and liberty." he said. "No challenge is too great."
During this annual time of reflection and repentance, Netanyahu warmly wished "Jews everywhere" a holiday of "security, prosperity and peace."
"Together we can continue to achieve great things for Jewish people and the world." He added that the Jewish people are strong because "we are united."
"Shana tova umetuka. It means a good year and a sweet new year," the prime minister said with a smirk. "I hope you have both."